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Sunfest Farm

Sunfest is a privately owned company dedicated to being the industry leader in all aspects of the organic culinary herb industry–maintaining the highest standards that ensure our customers satisfaction and abundant well-being.


The Sunfest facility features a rapid vacuum cooling system to achieve the targeted optimum temperatures to improve shelf life. Multiple controlled temperature zones provide the most effective temperature for individual herb varieties achieving maximum freshness.

We have invested into structures (see above) that monitor the weather continuously, constantly adjusting exposure and temperature, providing the healthiest environment for herb production in all seasons. Our retractable greenhouses completely close or open in less than 6 minutes, meeting changing weather demands.

Sunfest Benefits

Our organic practices not only benefit our shared environment, but also ensure a health wise addition to any culinary treat.


From farm to fork- Sunfest Organic Herbs protects your health and safety by utilizing our exclusive Enviro Pure process. We incorporate the use of UV lighting and catalyst technologies to provide the safest and healthiest herbs available in the world today.

Sunfest is green

Supporting the Green Effort

Sunfest Farms is committed the wise stewardship of the environment— to living in harmony with Mother Earth and all her creatures. That is why our organic farms neither use nor introduce synthetic pesticides into the environment thereby protecting all local plant and wildlife from potentially harmful substances. Sunfest’s organic process promotes the sustaining of diverse ecosystems, from soil to sky.


By using only the best certified organic materials in our farming operations, Sunfest is able to use less energy and produce less product waste, both of which are otherwise the byproducts of working with chemical pesticides.

By producing and distributing our products in the same country they are consumed, we also reduce air pollution caused by international and coast-to-coast air shipments.